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Welcome To GADA SPORTS (Ancient Gada -Yuddha - प्राचीन गदायुद्ध)Association of GADA SPORTS FEDERATION INDIA, is the National body of GADA SPORTS in India. GADA SPORTS FEDERATION INDIA has registered. Main aim of the association is to development of GADA SPORTS throughout India and international events such as Training camps, Conference, Seminars and tournaments. All of our instructors are certified by GADA SPORTS FEDERATION INDIA. We provide best training of Gada's battle techniques. Gadayuddha (गदायुद्ध) — a fight with clubs is a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit - an ancient language of India. The gadā or the mace is one of the ancient weapons used in direct fighting. Gada-Yuddha (गदा युद्ध) is the ancient Indian war art. Unique types of maces known as " gada - गदा" were used extensively in ancient Indian. Gada-Yuddha ((गदा युद्ध) is is also known as Ancient Indian Wrestling originating from the Indian. ada-Yuddha a traditional form of boxing. The Indian epics Mahabharata, Ramayana and the purāṇas describe the extensive use of the GADA (mace or club) - the main weapon of the Hindu God. techniques. GADA - it consists essentially of a spherical head mounted on a shaft, with a spike on the top. The martial art of wielding the gada is known as Gada-Yuddha (गदा युद्ध). Fighting with a mace (Gada Yuddha) constituted a big part of Indian martial arts. The gada is one of the traditional pieces of training equipment in Hindu physical culture. Maces of various weights and heights are used depending on the strength and skill level of the practitioner. Gada Sports as the name suggests, are popular art forms that give training in different kinds and dimensions of fighting. We also provide training in skills required by professionals. India has an ancient tradition in diverse Gada-Yuddha (गदा युद्ध). Nearly every part of India has evolved one or the other form of a popular Gada Sports. Gada-Yuddha (गदा युद्ध) is a part of India’s ancient culture and a traditional games and now it has different names and different forms in the culture of the regions in India. Gada-Yuddha (गदा युद्ध) found throughout the India. Gada-Yuddha (गदा युद्ध) has an important influence in the development of modern Asian martial arts. Gada-Yuddha (गदा युद्ध) - a sense of self-defense and for fitness lots of people and in other respects of Indian culture.


THANK YOU FOR AN INCREDIBLE Gada Yuddha (गदा युद्ध) Ancient Indian martial arts. When you join in with GADA (गदा-mace or club) SPORTS it doesn’t just feel good, it does good. The money you raise makes an incredible difference.


We provide all students with high quality Gada Sports instruction in an environment that is safe and productive. We provide Gada Sports (गदायुद्ध) training for kids & adults. Gada (गदा) - one of the ancient weapons used in direct fighting.


Gada Sports is based on Gada-Yuddha(गदा युद्ध) wrestling - the ancient Indian army. We are on the look-out for great members so we can give them recognition for their hard work and expertise. गदा युद्ध :- हस्त-शस्त्र : हाथ में पकड़कर आघात करने वाले हथियार जैसे गदा आदि।